Senior Insurance Services

Premier Senior Insurance focuses on the needs of seniors and our primary business is to help them save money on their Medicare Health Insurance without losing critical coverage. In cooperation with other experts in our network we provide a broad range of health and financial services. Please find some of the services listed below.

Our Services:
  • Medicare Supplement Insurance
    A Medicare Supplement Insurance, also called Medigap or MedSupp, fills the gaps in Medicare coverage left by Medicare Part A and Medicare Part B, which usually cover just about 80% of your medical expenses. Based on the fact, that the Medicare Supplement Insurance plans are standardized, they are identical, no matter which companies sell them. So, we as an independent firm are able to shop for the best rates and companies in Ohio and Indiana, saving our clients hundreds of dollars per year!

  • Individual Health Insurance
    In case of an early retirement, you need to make important a decision about your health insurance. If you prefer purchasing a health insurance by yourself instead of COBRA, we can help you by designing an individual plan that fits your specific needs and is affordable. BUT: based on the fact, that there is no guaranteed acceptance you need to plan and make sure that you are accepted into an individual plan. That's where we can assist you!

  • Financial Services
    The financial advisors within our network can assist you with your financial retirement decisions. Such as, what to do with your 401K. Our network of experts offer a broad range of Financial Services to help you make a smooth transition into retirement. Whether you want to roll your 401k plan over into your own personal IRA, if you need to provide an income stream, long term growth, or if you need Portfolio Management. Seek the help and advice of an expert. Contact us -we are here to assist you!

Our most important goal with all our services is to find the best solution based on your personal situation. We're not here to sell you something, we're here to help you.

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Primary business: Medicare Supplements

We find a Medicare Plan that's right for you!
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We assist you also in the following areas:
  • Individual Health Insurance
  • Financial Planning
  • Retirement Income
  • Portfolio Management

From time to time we hold free educational sessions to help you understand Medicare and your choices better. There will be NO sales pitch, just discussion on the ins and outs of Medicare. The sessions will be announced under "News".

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